About Us

Cloud Smart Solutions will provide a cost-effective secure mobile technology solution tailor-made to your business.

The team behind Cloud Smart has delivered software solutions in Melbourne for 25 years.

We understand mobility. Our team made their first foray into mobile development in 2000. We have continued the development of mobile solutions for various products. These include asset maintenance and compliance solutions, forms-based solutions, sales and service-based solutions.

A common feature of these solutions is that they are process-driven and task-focussed. This reduces the complexity of enterprise applications to a manageable level on mobile devices.  We offer a number of key benefits, all designed and implemented with the intention of providing clients a pragmatic, user-friendly mobile application. This will assist you to improve your existing business’ efficiency.

  • Rather than focussing on “gloss and graphics”, Cloud Smart has spent time and effort through market research and client interaction to ensure that our solutions are intuitive and functional for all range of users
  • The user interaction is specifically designed to be task-centric, where the user is presented with those tasks available at the time. This results in enhanced productivity as the user is not distracted by unnecessary or confusing options
  • We have extensive experience with compliance systems. Our software is built from a compliance basis, established in infection control management systems and extended now to include OH&S compliance.  Not only do we understand compliance at a theoretical level, we have implemented systems to meet various ISO standards
  • We understand that security is of paramount importance to our clients. Our engineering team has extensive experience within banking industry specializing in security. Our team have worked with organisations such as National Australia Bank, IBM Singapore, JBA Group (UK), ANZ Bank, United Overseas Bank (Singapore) and HP Australia.

We have extensively researched the latest platforms, specifically Android and iOS. This ensures the most efficient integration with our clients’ back-end computing infrastructure. Behind our easy-to-use software lies a rich plethora of modern technology: maps, location awareness, data-security and photos.

Whilst we do not actively provide a complete IT integration service, we do partner with organisations that specialise in IT security solutions.

Our team regularly attend industry events, including VM Ware’s Solutions Symposium, Oracle’s Middleware Forum and IBM’s Partner Forums.

For a free trial find Cloud Smart Lite in the App store, under Business.