Cloud Smart Service

Cloud Smart Service is a customisable cloud based application for managing job dispatch and invoices. It connects directly to your office systems and acts as a gateway between your field teams mobile devices.

Our Service App is a real time job dispatch application suitable for Android, Apple and Windows 7. It integrates with all ERP systems and most accounting systems.

The essentials

  • Manage your job dispatch, including calendar.

  • Electronically record OH&S and Site Inspections at the job site.

  • Sync this information with your Head Office in real time.

  • This application does not rely on a permanent internet connection - view your information anytime, anywhere !

  • View all job information, including detailed customer notes.

  • View your customers' previous jobs.

  • Check for outstanding accounts.

Bang for your buck

  • Improved cash flow - take our ROI challenge !

  • Increased productivity and efficiency levels from your field team.

  • Reduced human error due to no paper work.

  • Improved customer service because all information is at your fingertips !

  • A once only establishment fee and a low rate per month.

How it works

Cloud Smart Service features a secure administration website interface that connects to your company's ERP systems. The App processes your data in a controlled environment. Your data is then sent to your field teams smartphones and tablets.

Options for the website application include resource planning and scheduling your service calls. These calls can be set up as once only or as scheduled call cycles.

Territory management, sales force management, contact management, call management, job re-allocation and calendar interface are all features of Cloud Smart Service. All these benefits seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP systems.

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